Pacific Northwest PETS – 2018

Pre-PETS FOR D-5010 Starts at  9:00 AM Thursday,  February 22, 2018
Pre-PETS FOR D-5040 Starts at 12:00 PM Thursday, February 22, 2018
Pre-PETS FOR D-5110 Starts at 1:30 PM Thursday, February 22, 2018

All Other Districts

Registration Opens at 1:30 PM on Thursday, Feb. 22nd
Registration 7:00 AM Friday, Feb 23rd
Elective Classes Begin Friday Morning at 8:00 AM
Opening Ceremonies Begin Friday at 11:30 AM

The PNW Presidents-elect Training Seminar is the largest and one of the oldest multi-district PETS. PNW PETS is a joint effort of the nine Rotary districts in the Northwest area of North America (and eastern Russia). This large area includes the states of Alaska, Oregon, Washington, parts of Idaho and California, the Canadian province of British Columbia and the Yukon Territory. PNW PETS is managed, prepared and conducted by a PETS Operating Committee composed of the District Governor-elect and a Past District Governor representative from each participating District. Consisting of well known exceptional speakers, informative workshops, detailed district training sessions, fellowship and networking, the basic purpose of our PETS is to have the best prepared, most enthusiastic club presidents in the Rotary world. Annually, the over 550 Presidents-elect attending leave well prepared to carry out their Rotary duties.

There is a lot of information throughout the web site that will answer your questions about PETS and the training weekend. Please spend a few minutes to visit the various pages. As new information is developed it will be added to the site. A detailed program of the events occurring during PETS will be provided on the program page when it is approved by the committee. As you complete your on line registration on the registration page please read the notes and directions provided and you should be able to avoid problems that others have had in the past.


presidents-elect training seminar (PETS). A training meeting conducted annually, preferably in March, for club presidents-elect. Its purpose is to prepare incoming club presidents for their year as president and give district governors-elect and incoming assistant governors the opportunity to motivate incoming presidents and build their working relationship.


A PETS, which may be a multidistrict PETS, shall take place for the purpose of orientation and training of club presidents-elect in the district as determined by the board. The PETS shall be held annually, preferably in March. The governor-elect shall be responsible for the PETS. The PETS shall be planned and conducted under the direction and supervision of the governors-elect.

The purpose of this seminar is to prepare incoming club presidents for their role.

The purpose of the presidents-elect training seminar (PETS) is:
• To prepare incoming club presidents for their year as president.
• To give district governors-elect and incoming assistant governors the opportunity to motivate incoming presidents and build their working relationship.