How to Register

On both November 15 and December 15, you will receive a personalized link from our Registrar through your email to register.  If you didn’t, or can’t find that, or got nominated after that date, you can register from this website soon.  Registration Closes on February 1 for 2020

What to Wear

This is one of the most-asked questions from attendees prior to attending.  During the day, Dressy Casual or Business Casual works well.  For the dinners on Friday and Saturday nights, Business Formal is appropriate.  Don’t know what any of this means?  Click Here to find out how Emily Post defines these things.  This is recommended, but there are no fashion police on duty, and you will see a wide range of styles of dress.

When Does it Start?

That depends on a few different things:  What District you are in and what you signed up for!   If you are in District 5010, 5040, 5100 or 5110, then you will be attending Pre-PETS on Thursday. Feb 20.  Check with your DGE or Assistant Governor to find out what time your Pre-PETS starts. If you signed up for the Friday morning Electives (which is highly recommended), then you will start with your first class at 8:00 am on Friday morning, the 21st.  PNWPETS officially opens with the lunch plenary at 11:30 am on Friday.

Types of Classes

There are two basic types of classes:  Core Curriculum and Electives.  The four core classes cover Membership, Foundation, Public Image, and Leadership.  All attendees take these four classes on Friday afternoon and Saturday.  On Friday morning, there are 9 optional electives being offered on a diverse range of subjects including, “Rotary 101”, “Effective Fundraising”, and “Leading and Motivating Volunteers”.  For a complete list of classes, click here.


Your lodging is taken care of automatically when you register.  Private rooms are in limited supply, so if you want one, register early!  Shared rooms are a great way to meet someone new and share ideas after a long day of classes and networking.  All participants are required to stay at the DoubleTree, even those who live in close proximity.  Do not attempt to make a reservation through the hotel.  For more information, or for help, contact our Rooms Coordinator, PDG Tom Markos by clicking here


From Friday lunch on, meals are provided through your registration.  To see the menu, click here:   If your District is holding Pre-PETS on the site, then you will be provided with dinner on Thursday evening.  Friday breakfast is not provided.  There are two options for Friday breakfast in the hotel:  the cafe, which is to the right of the registration desks as you enter the hotel, or the coffee stand, which serves Starbucks coffee and Starbucks-like breakfast sandwiches to go.


You will be very busy while you are at PETS!!  Most attendees, when walking out of the hotel on Sunday, think to themselves, “Wow!  That sure went by fast!”  You will benefit by attending all events assigned, including the Hospitality Rooms on the Penthouse floor of the Tower.  This is a great time for not only socializing, but building your support network, both in and out of your own District.  To see the complete schedule, go here: 2020 PETS Schedule 

Networking While at PETS

One of the most valuable experiences you’ll have at PETS is the ability to network with other Presidents-Elect, who are going through the same thing you are!  We strongly suggest not sitting with friends during the meal Plenary sessions, but sit with those you don’t know to get new perspectives.  There are also the hospitality rooms on Friday and Saturday night, where each District hosts a get-together in the DGE’s hotel room.  This is a great chance for you to relax and chat with other P.E.’s and District leaders.

Required Attendance

In order to preside over your club next year, your Club Constitution and R.I. requires that you attend PETS.  To see the requirements, click here.  It is highly recommended that you attend your own PETS, as there is much information that is specific to your District.  In the event that it is impossible to attend your own PETS, you can find out where else you might attend by clicking here

What to Bring

Besides your luggage, there’s not a lot you have to bring.  You will receive a workbook to take personal notes from classes in.  All classes will have a scribe that will take notes and those notes will be posted after PETS on this website.  Most importantly, bring a lot of fresh ideas and enthusiasm.  Bring a desire to share your ideas and to listen to others’ ideas.  There is NOT wireless in the classrooms, but iPads and tablets are acceptable for taking notes. 

How To Get From the Airport to the Hotel

You can either walk or take the free shuttle.  If you walk, turn right out of the terminal, then turn right again when you hit International Blvd.  The hotel is about a half-mile and will be on your left.  If you want to take the shuttle, go to Island 3B.  The Doubletree Airport Shuttle runs about every 20 minutes.

Tips if You’re Driving

First, it’s highly recommended to carpool.  It’s not just a green idea, it’s a great way to share ideas with, and get to know, other Presidents-Elect from your area.  Ask your Assistant Governor to find out who else is planning on driving and pool your resources.  Some of the greatest projects have begun as ideas in cars on the way home from PETS!   Also, we’re negotiated a reduced price for parking at the DoubleTree, so be sure to let them know you’re with Rotary when you check in!

Wireless Connectivity

There is free wi-fi in the lobby of the hotel and in your rooms.  In your room, sign in as a Hilton Honors member.  You will not be charged   There is not wi-fi in the classrooms. If you’re not bringing a laptop, there are computers available for your use in the business office on the second floor of the hotel and in the lobby, adjacent to the coffee stand. 

Who Puts on PNW PETS?

PNW PETS is a cooperative effort among 9 Districts, ranging from Alaska to Northern California.  There are two bodies that are responsible for putting on PETS each year.  The governing body is the Board of Directors, comprised of the District Governor-Elects from each of the 9 Districts involved.  To see who’s on the Board, click here: Board of Directors  The management of the event is done by the Operating Committee (OPCOM), who develop curriculum, book speakers, assign rooms, train the instructors, handle registration, book vendors, etc.  OPCOM is comprised of Past District Governors from the 9 Districts.  To see who is on the OPCOM, click here: OPCOMThese two groups work together to produce one of the best PETS on the planet!